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Service Info
Service:Allina Financial Assistance Programs
Agency: Allina Health
Loc Name:Allina Health Faribault Clinic
Location:100 State Ave, Faribault, MN, 55021-6337 Map
Phone: (800) 859-5077

Service Description

Allina Health believes in providing convenient access to necessary medical care regardless of one's ability to pay. They offer programs for patients and their families who cannot afford to pay their medical bills.

MedEligible Services -
Provides advocacy support to patients who have difficulty paying their medical bills. MedEligible Services staff members can help you learn about and apply for federal, state and county services:
* Medical Assistance (MA) and Medicare
* Social Security
* Veteran's Administration benefits
* Food stamps
* Emergency food and shelter
* Drug discounts

Partners Care -
To assist patients who do not qualify for medical assistance (Medicaid) and whose annual incomes are at or below 275 percent of the federal poverty level. The application is brief and asks for information on family size, employment, income, banking and insurance.
If you have any questions about Partners Care, call the Central Business Office Customer Contact Center at (612) 262-9000 or (800) 859-5077.

Uninsured Discount Program -
If you do not have health insurance and do not qualify for Medical Assistance (MA) or Partners Care, you still will receive a discount on medically necessary hospital charges. The discount will be reflected on your bill.
Patients with insurance who receive medically necessary services that are not covered by their insurance may also be eligible for this discount.
If you have any questions about the uninsured discount, call the Central Business Office Customer Contact Center at (612) 262-9000 or (800) 859-5077.

Special circumstances (individual, case-by-case basis) -
Financial Assistance Services will evaluate patients with special circumstances. There may be a circumstance where patients experience a catastrophic event that puts them in a devastating financial position whereby the program representatives will determine how to best support them financially.

MedCredit Financial Services -
Provides financial loans to patients who can't afford to pay their medical bills. MedCredit representatives can help you consolidate all medical expenses from any health care provider that participates in MedCredit so that you only have one monthly payment.
Once you have a MedCredit Financial Services account, you can add on any additional medical expenses for yourself or your family.
For more about MedCredit, call (763) 585-8444 or (800) 755-0965.


Client Conveniences
  • Assistance accessing community resources
  • Assistance with bills and finances
Type of Client Preferred
  • People with low income


Each program has different eligibility criteria - call for help to find the right program for your needs.

Application Instructions

Call (612) 262-9000 or Toll Free (800) 859-5077.
Allina will help you to find the right program for your situation.

If possible, call ahead of getting medical care. Help can also happen after you have a medical bill.

Business Hours

7:30am - 8:00pm, Monday - Friday

Area Served

Rice County




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Main (507) 334 - 3921
FAX (507) 384 - 4470

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